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Disability Transportation Options Available in Your Area

Whilst there are many transportation options on offer, we recognise that many do not always meet the needs and requirements of people living with disability.

We offer return transfers from your home to a facility for anyone using our accommodation services including Respite and Specialist Disability Accommodation. Our travel is wheelchair accessible and has been designed to create an easy and seamless experience for you. 

Public Transport Options in Melbourne

When it comes to public transport, there are plentiful options which are accessible and suitable for people living with disabilities. This includes trains, trams, ubers and specialist transport services. 

Victoria’s Public Transport offers a free travel pass for people living with disabilities. What’s more, there are wheelchair accessible taxis which are available for travel within inner Melbourne as well as regional areas. 

When it comes to trains, the majority within Melbourne can be accessed by people in need of wheelchair-friendly travel. For all Melbourne metropolitan trains, wheelchair access is available whilst ramps to platforms are available at most stations. 

Whilst there are also trams which provide access for people with a wheelchair or scooter, some are not accessible. The numbers at the bottom of this section are the best point of contact to find out which providers can be used so you can plan your travel in advance. 

For disabled parking permits, you can apply through your local council. Your council will be able to provide you with location-specific information about which parking places offer disabled spaces. 

For mobility allowance to help in compensating travel costs, you can also reach out to the Australian Department of Human Services Website. The Australian-Government funds this allowance and is available for people who are 16 years and over and who are unable to use public transport without substantial support. 

For bicycle access, you can apply for a medical certificate which will explain you are unable to ride on the road. This grants you permission to ride on the footpath so you can travel throughout Melbourne in a safe, secure and easy way. You can do this by getting in contact with your local doctor or GP to request a medical certificate. 

For ubers, uberASSIST offers taxi services which are accessible for people living with disabilities. With equipped vehicles and cashless payments, the service makes travel easy and comfortable. What’s more, the service recently expanded so it is now available across Australia. 

For specific information regarding public transport options which are accessible and comfortable for people living with disabilities, the following points of contact are a great place to start: 

Wheelchair on train station platform
Priority disability seating on tram
Priority disability seating on bus

If you would like to book your next trip with us or you are interested in learning more about the services we provide, send us an email or give us a call and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours!