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Why did we launch RSA Disability Respite Care Accommodation and Support Services in Melbourne? 

There was a young man named Tony, and his family and loved ones needed help, they needed someone and somewhere they trusted to look after him as they would at home. Tony’s family needed him to live with people that knew his needs, were able to adapt to his needs and respond to his needs. It was not easy for Tony or the family to find a place, a home, so RSA was born. 3 years later here we are growing, expanding, creating, learning but most of all making sure that Tony and people in similar situations as Tony’s have a place to come to for a break, a getaway. So that families can catch their breath. 

What is Care Beyond Expectation? 

For RSA this is families and other care givers that are handing over the responsibility of their loved one to us to perform and take charge of the needs of their person we have agreed to support, this means going above and beyond the care needs while providing an environment that promotes growth, connection, and health. RSA understands the struggles that families face taking care of a person with a disability and how hard it can be sometimes to say they need a break or help, therefore we offer that home away home for people to come and feel safe and supported. 

It takes a village to care for a person living with disability, and RSA Disability Support Services are here to support you with the short-term respite accommodation facilities you require for your loved one to be cared for while you hit pause on your responsibilities.  

How Can Support Coordination Assist Me? 

When it comes to achieving your NDIS goals and working through the NDIS scheme, RSA Disability Support Services is here to help. No matter what your individual needs, our team of qualified and knowledgeable professionals will assist you in working through the NDIS to both understand the scheme and implement the plan best suited to you. 
From connecting you with the best service providers to obtaining quotes, coordinating reports, and linking you to a job as well as monitoring your progress through the NDIS, the services we offer through our support coordination are extensive. 

Thanks to our experienced team of qualified professionals, we make your life a whole lot easier, simpler, and more enjoyable when it comes to understanding and implementing your NDIS goals.  

To meet the team and tour our disability respite care accommodation in Thornbury, Moonee Ponds and Chadstone, please contact us on 1800 RSA NOW.