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To speak directly with NDIS please call 1800 800 110.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

Well, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative by the Australian Government which provides $22 billion in annual funding to people living with disability; both permanent and significant.

The NDIS is designed to empower people with disability to work towards achievements, to identify the disability related support they need to meet their goals, and to choose where they would like to buy their supports. 

Whilst the scheme can provide great financial relief, it can also be confusing when it comes to determining what you can claim and what funding you can receive. That is why at RSA Disability Support Services, we are here to support you in your NDIS journey. No matter what your question, we will provide you with the specialized advice that you need to ensure your experience with the NDIS is as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Who does the NDIS support?

The NDIS supports:

  • people with a permanent disability and children with developmental delay; their family and carers, by funding reasonable and necessary support for each person’s unique needs
  • all Australians, by providing a safety net for anyone who acquires a disability in the future.

What services and support can people access under the NDIS?

The NDIS will provide funding for ‘reasonable and necessary’ support, services and equipment to assist a person to achieve their goals.

Is the NDIS means tested?

No, the funding under the NDIS is not means tested. Support is related to a person’s disability and the supports they need, not their capacity to pay for support.

Does the NDIS fund accommodation? 

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing that helps people with very complex needs to live as independently as possible. So, whether a person will qualify for SDA funding will come down to their individual NDIS goals and needs.

Any support would need to be specific to a person’s goals in their NDIS plan and be considered ‘reasonable and necessary’ support.

You should discuss accommodation options with your planner.

Does the NDIS fund respite?

Depending on a person’s goals, under the NDIS, temporary supports that are different from usual arrangements, such as respite, may be funded under ‘Short-Term Accommodation’ (STA) which is a core support. This may include short stays in a group facility (Short-Term Accommodation) or additional in-home support.

Find out more about RSA’s respite service.

What is a NDIS plan? 

A NDIS plan outlines a person’s goals and the disability related services and support that will help them to achieve those goals. It describes the funded supports they will receive from the NDIS.

RSA’s free guide to prepare for the NDIS can help you to prepare for your planning meeting, so you can make the most of your NDIS plan.

What should I prepare for before my NDIS planning meeting?

To make the most of your NDIS plan you need to prepare for your planning meeting.

RSA’s free guide to prepare for the NDIS can help you to prepare.

Who are planners?

Planners are staff nominated by the NDIS who work with you to identify your goals and the supports you need to achieve your goals. These could be called NDIS planners or Local Area Coordinators (LACs).

The planner will contact you to arrange a time for your NDIS planning meeting. At the planning meeting they’ll work with you to create an individualised NDIS plan by asking questions about your life.

What if I am not happy with my NDIS planner?

You have the right to provide feedback to the NDIA about your planner, and if you do not feel comfortable with your planner, you can ask the NDIA for another person to work with you instead.

How can I get help to understand my NDIS plan or the planning process?

RSA is holding one-on-one sessions to help you to understand what’s in your NDIS plan.

Before you get your NDIS plan, we can also help you to prepare for your planning meeting in a one-on-one session.

You can also download RSA’s free guide to prepare for the NDIS or contact our Support Coordination team for any further questions

Can I change my NDIS plan?

Yes, only if your needs or circumstances change significantly, you can ask to review your plan earlier than the usual 12-month review period. The NDIS or a LAC can help you through the process to request a change to your plan.

A significant change where you could contact the NDIS and ask for an early review might be if your parent cares for you and they need to go to hospital for a while, and won’t be at home to support you, so alternative funded support is required.

How long does a NDIS plan go for?

Although NDIS plans usually run for 12 months, you can ask for a shorter NDIS plan if you think your needs might change significantly during that time. Or you can ask for a longer plan, say for two years, if you think your needs will stay the same.

With about six weeks in a NDIS plan, the participant is contacted for a plan review process to work on their next NDIS plan. Plan reviews are important in making sure you get the support you need to achieve your goals. It will help ensure your NDIS plan continues to meet your needs as they change.

To book a free one-one-one discussion with RSA Disability Support Services to help you prepare for your plan review meeting, contact us to discuss availability.

What happens in a NDIS plan review?

A NDIS plan generally runs for 12-months, so with about six weeks to go participants undertake a plan review process to work on their next NDIS plan.  

A representative from the NDIS, possibly the person who helped develop your first NDIS plan (maybe a Local Area Coordinator) will contact you to start the plan review process, and development of your second NDIS plan.

The plan review discussion may not be as long and detailed as your initial NDIS planning discussion. However, it’s still worth giving some thought before your review discussion as to how your first NDIS plan has gone for you.

Plan reviews may happen face-to-face or by phone.

RSA’s free guide to making the most of your next NDIS plan can help you understand the process for your next NDIS plan and how you can prepare for your plan review meeting. It includes a meeting planning tool.

How can RSA support me under the NDIS?

RSA can support you to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting, to help you to make the most of the NDIS. We can also help you understand and implement your NDIS plan once you receive it.

Our Support Coordination team can answer your NDIS or RSA questions no matter what stage of your NDIS journey you are at.

When you receive your NDIS plan, RSA can support your NDIS goals with our wide range of tailored, flexible, and quality services. We are a disability specialist, and we know the NDIS – we have been supporting participants from the beginning of the NDIS. Find out more about how RSA can support your NDIS goals.

What is a Local Area Coordinator (LAC)?

A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is someone who will work with many NDIS participants to confirm or assess their eligibility, undertake NDIS planning, and review supports in NDIS plans when they are reviewed.

Who can support me in the NDIS planning process?

When you start your NDIS journey, it’s a good idea to identify whether you need support for the process. If you do, then think about a person who knows you well and who can assist you to prepare for your planning meeting. You might also want to ask them to attend your planning meeting with you.

This person might be a family member, friend, or an advocate – someone who knows you well, can provide some background about your needs and can make sure the planner gets the right information about you, your goals and needs.

RSA is holding one-on-one sessions to help you to prepare for the NDIS.

RSA has also developed a free guide to prepare for the NDIS which can help you to get ready for your planning meeting.

You can contact our Community Engagement team for any further questions.

Who can support me to use the funded supports in my NDIS plan?

When you go through the planning process with the NDIS, let them know if you need some support to implement your plan. There are three levels of Support Coordination that you may be funded for in your NDIS plan.

RSA can also support you when you get your NDIS plan. We are holding free one-on-one sessions to help you to understand what’s in your NDIS plan and we have produced a free guide to implementing your NDIS plan.

How can RSA support me under the NDIS?

RSA can support your NDIS goals with our wide range of tailored, flexible, and quality services. We are a disability specialist, and we know the NDIS – we have been supporting participants from the beginning of the NDIS. Find out more about how RSA can support your NDIS goals.

What do I need to know about engaging service providers to deliver my NDIS supports?

Can I choose any service provider?

Yes, you can choose who delivers your support and services under the NDIS – you have choice and control. However, you can only choose a non-NDIS registered provider if you are self-managing the funds in your NDIS plan.

Many providers are NDIS registered. This means they have had to meet criteria set out by the NDIS, including business registration and insurance, and a commitment to meeting quality and safeguards standards.

RSA is a registered NDIS service provider. You can find other NDIS registered providers on the NDIS website.

Why should I choose a NDIS registered provider?

If a service provider is a registered NDIS provider, this means they have signed up to the NDIS terms of business and national quality and safeguards standards.

RSA is a NDIS registered service provider.

NDIS registered providers also must comply with several laws, guidelines, policies, and service standards, which non-registered providers may not comply with.

How can I find appropriate providers in my area?

The NDIS has a list of registered providers available on their website.

Can I use the same service providers I have now?

Yes, you can continue to use your current provider for all or some of the support in your NDIS plan.

If you choose our services, you can set up your RSA supports under your current NDIS plan, start now by contacting us.

What do I need to do if I want to continue using my existing service provider when I get my NDIS plan?

To continue with your existing service provider, you still need to contact your provider to enter into a Service Agreement with them before your supports can commence with NDIS funding.

What if I don’t like the service provider that I choose – what can I do?

You can change service providers during your plan.  You will need to check your Service Agreement to find out what notice period you need to provide.

If you choose to change providers, then you will be responsible for engaging an alternative provider. If you are funded for Support Coordination in your plan, a Support Coordinator can help you do this.

What is a Service Agreement?

A Service Agreement is a contract between you and the service provider, which will outline how they will deliver the supports in your NDIS plan.

How can I provide feedback and complaints about my NDIS experience?

What if I am not happy with what’s in my NDIS plan? 

If you are not happy with your approved NDIS plan, you can discuss your concerns with your NDIS representative.  

You can also go through a review process with the NDIS. This process is outlined in your plan cover letter. You can also find out more about the NDIS internal reviews process here.

If you are still not happy following the NDIS internal reviews process, you can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

What if I am not happy with the NDIA, my plan, or my planner? 

If you are not happy with the service or support provided by the NDIA, or with your plan or planner, you should firstly follow the NDIA’s complaints process.

The NDIA complaints procedure states that you will be called about your complaint within two business days and that it aims to resolve all complaints within 21 days. If you are still unhappy with the outcome of the complaints process, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

You can also contact the Disability Services Commissioner if you have a complaint about your plan or planner.

What if I am not happy with the service or supports I receive from service providers through my NDIS plan? 

If you are unhappy with the service you have received for supports funded in your NDIS plan, the first step is to follow your provider’s feedback and complaints processes.  

If your service provider is RSA Disability Support Services, contact us to provide feedback or lodge a complaint directly to RSA management.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the discussion with your service provider, you can take your complaint to several different external agencies, such as the Disability Services Commissioner.

You can also choose to go directly to the Disability Services Commissioner, or another relevant external agency first.

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